What to do when you are worried?

    Hey, guys! Hope you are fine …
    These days , I just feel like throwing everything and watching some sci-fi anime . Morever , this feeling isn’t going anywhere , the more I watch the more I want to watch. It isn’t just some anime I love or something like that , it is just the way for me to run away from my current problems. I know in my mind that I should keep working , but things , that are worrying me , are popping up all day long .
    Furthermore , if I won’t work these problems will still be up to date. I understand that , I am the only person who can solve my own problems.
    So, the question is: “What to do when you are worried?”. From my research , I understand that there is no a universal 100% working method. So , I combined steps from every other method and came up with my own plan how to get my life together.So, here is my plan:
    – cleaning my place
    – cleaning my kitchen supplies and pantries
    – working out 30 minutes
    – waking up at 8.00 am
    – doing what I have to do 2 hour a day
    – cutting my anime hours
    This my goal to make good habits , starting 30.08.2018. I have read that for habits to form person needs 3 months, but for now my goal is 1 month. I will update you on my journey every 2-3 days , so that you can keep me accountable.
    You can find related post by using #lifetogether tag. I hope , you will share your journeys with me too . I would be very happy to read them and learn from too.

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