What can you do to improve yourself?

What can you do improve yourself

Hey , guys! I hope you are okay and happy 🙂

Sunny and warm … Summer is the time when you want to chill and at the same time to improve yourself. Because, most of the time, it is  bright outside , we naturally have more energy and instinctively want to transform it in to something valuable. And I can totally relate to that . In fact , at the summer ,I always develop some particular skill or habit that I have always wanted , but never got time .

So , the question is “Where To Start ? ” and there are several answers , each of which are great and listed down below: (All of the things are used by me in real life)

  • Dream life series by Lavendaire , it is totally free 6 week course that is composed of 10 videos and worksheets. For more : Youtube : lavendaire and Website: DreamLifeSeries
  • Habitica is a website similar to game and it is totally free , which keeps you accountable of your habits and helps you create new ones. There are lots of challenges , that will make you move. Website:    Habitica –  “Gamify Your Life”
  • Youtube is a best platform to get motivated and learn new stuff. There are several youtubers that will inspire you :

Muchelleb – muchelleb
Pick Up Limes – pickuplimes
Twinlinglena – twinlinglena

Ruby Granger – rubygranger

  • If you want to get good with finances and saving money, this channel will educate you :

Financial Diet – financialdiet

Have a good and Productive Summer 🙂


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