Stop criticizing yourself!

    Hey , guys !

    Recently , I noticed that as years go by , we tend to be more and more sadder , depressed . We criticize ourselves as if we are our biggest enemy . Criticism is good in fair amounts … It is good to admit that you did not do good enough , and push yourself to do better. Because We CAN Do Better !

    But some of us (me) , can’t stop blaming ourselves . I will admit that one day , I came to the point in my life , when I didn’t want to move or lift my finger . WHY? Because I was , constantly, telling myself : “I am failure . Just look to your friends , they have accomplished so much , what about you? “. Is it just me feeling this way?

    If you are feeling the same , if you are angry to yourself because you always mess up something , or because you failed again , or as if you are failure in general … Please , get up and say out loud : “Enough bitch!!!”.

    We are perfect in our own ways , it is just bad time , bad year , bad day … It doesn’t have to be like that . It will pass and sun will shine to you , too.  You are not alone in this , and if you feel like drowning get professional help or at least talk to somebody .

  • Stop listening that inner jealous person who criticize you all the time .
  • Close your Instagram , Facebook , or any other social media for some time , most of the pictures there , are lies and just make you feel bad . You don’t deserve that ….
  • Do want you always wanted , wear that thing that you always wanted and never dared to , be free and be happy …
  • Have a good day / night  / time 🙂


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