One punch man 2nd season

One punch man 2nd season

Recently , things I have seen the most are these comments:

“One punch man Season 2 drawing sucks!” – The Anime man and thousands of other people

“JCStaff can’t draw action”

and it is just absurd and stupid . Most of them haven’t even opened the title ,  and are just talking for trash talk .

Have you seen this banana ?! Like it is the epitome of great drawing. I have never seen prettier banana in anime.

Joey aka The Anime Man (and all the rest ), just stop guessing about shows already. By barely watching the first episode , you can’t know what is good and bad. And I know that you call , “watching anime” as your job, so #doyourjobproperly and #watchtherest and#banana4u.

I hope , that everyone would find time to watch the rest and appreciate the cool show. #onepunchmanfan



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