How to stop procrastinating ?

    Hey , guys!

    First things first , let us admit that procrastination happens even to the best of us , and most of the time , it is part of the routine in our life. However , there are times when procrastination brings us to failure and depression . So , how can we deal with it ?

    To be honest , I am dealing and fighting my procrastination all the time , and because of that I’ve watched so many Youtubers , read blogs , and I have got the feeling that I should buy something (candles , essential oils , focusing teas) in order get my work done . However , it is not the case.

    Do not buy stuff , until you are desperate without it!

    Easy ways to deal with procrastination:

  • Make a routine to study 1 hour every day ,after that, it is up to you whether you want to continue or not .
  • When you think “I would better be studying , than …” , get up and study for 15 minutes.
  • What are the chances that you are procrastinating now? Probably 85% … please go and study 15 minutes .
  • Most of the time I am so motivated at 2 a.m. after watching whole series on the Netflix  , and I feel guilty of procrastinating before going to bed , so I get up and study 1 pomodoro session (25 minutes). It will make you feel better , and tomorrow , instead of being depressed , you will be motivated to do more.
  • Have a good and productive day!


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