Chapter:2 – “Liatris”

“Senpai, please…”
I looked at my Senpai who was still hesitating about it.
It was love at first sight,  I fell in love with Senpai, when I saw him playing with his brother at the park last school break. And from that time on, I was always near him, trying to make him fall for me too. This was a month ago. Senpai never rejected me, so I took it as “Yes”.
“Senpai, let me kiss you!”
I was impatient, but didn’t want to force him to do it. For both of us, it was our first experience with the same sex, but still a month for a kiss was a bit too much.
Suddenly Senpai nodded, and his face became so red. I thought how cute he was at that time. I leaned forward and kissed him, after some time he tried to push me away, but I couldn’t control myself anymore.
I took his hands away, and kissed him while opening a way for my tongue. Somehow at that time, I didn’t feel anything beside the lust and heavy breathing. I was a little bit disappointed.
Suddenly, I noticed somebody with my side glance, before I could say anything she ran away. I looked at Senpai who was still in shock, and it made me so angry that my mind went blank for split second. I thought that from now on Senpai would become even more reserved and it was just our first kiss.
I thought of ways to make him calm down and forget about that stupid girl. I wanted to make him understand that we would never see her again and it was not worth it to stress about her.
But before I opened my mouth, that girl came back coughing like some 70 years old man. She came by my side and lifted a rock by our feet with wildly shaking hands.
Huh, junkie! I thought to myself. What did she hide in there?! I became so curious, that I forgot about my kiss problem. She took a key under the rock, and tried to open the door next to Senpai.
Her hands were shaking so much that the key entered the lock with so much difficulty.
I became impatient, but suddenly she said:
“Sorry!” without lifting her head.
She opened the door and said:
“Sorry, I have made you wait guys. Come here!” and took out a box.
Senpai was already leaving and I ran after him.
Senpai looked at me and said:
“Please, take care of her. I am afraid, people like her love gossiping. She even had face to come back here again” I nodded and returned back to the rooftop.
She was sitting there with five kittens in front of here.  Thy were 10 days old maximum. She didn’t look like somebody who would gossip, but still I put on a serious face and walked toward her to warn her.


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