‘It is April and school started week ago. My name is Sakura Kobayashi and I’m in my second year of high school.
Maybe it is because of my name or maybe without any reason, I really do like spring and beautiful flowers of Sakura. They are pure and fragile but at the same time really strong. Despite of cold weather, they are already blooming. Compared to them I am not that strong. However it depends on the perspective, if strong people are independent then I am strong, but if it means having lots of friends and being center of attention then I am very weak. I do not have enemies but I do not have friends either.
Don’t know why, but I have never experienced having best friends or blood buddies. Average but a little strange and awkward girl… ‘ as I was thinking to myself, suddenly Tanabesan was shouting in front of me.
-“Hey, Kobayashi! Kobayashi!”
-“Ah… Tanabesan! You startled me”.
– “What are you daydreaming about?! Like this, you will finish all the milk in the wending machine. Do you really need that much?” asked Tanabesan.
-“Haha, yeah. I love milk. This much is nothing. Sorry for taking this long, I will be going then” I walked away while holding several boxes of milk. To say the truth, I don’t like milk that much, but explaining everything is too troublesome.
Tanabe San is my classmate, she is a good person but loves gossiping a little too much.
I was walking the stairs to the rooftop, and noticed that strangely enough, always closed door was slightly opened. I pushed the door further and walked several steps before lifting up my head and saw shocking scene .

It wasn’t deathly kind of shock, it was merely ‘seeing something, you have always wanted to see’ kind of shock.
There were two boys kissing each other. I was startled and stood there for several seconds, not knowing what to do.
I noticed from uniforms that boy leaning against the wall of the small unused store room was senpai from third year, and the boy kissing him was somebody from my grade. I have seen him several times, but never knew him personally.
After several seconds, senpai noticed me and both of them threw me cold stare, I didn’t know what to do and just turned and ran away as if my life was depending on it.
However half way through, I have remembered about milk and had no other choice but to return there again.

This time as I walked out to the roof, I started coughing so that they would know that somebody is coming, and somehow it made me feel so sad and sorry for making them feel uneasy about their love.
The both of them were glaring at me and I couldn’t help but apologize while walking toward them.
This whole situation made me so stressed that my hands started shaking. I walked toward them and lifted the rock beside their feet and took the key of the storage room.

By gladioli


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