“It always seems impossible until it is done"

Can’t study in silence ?

Can’t study in silence ?

Hey guys ! Hope , you are fine !

Can’t study in silence? You are not alone  , and music isn’t always the best way …

Yes , yes , your brain is powerful and it can multi-task , but even it needs some silence to understand and learn new information.

There are lots of researches that prove  : “Songs can badly effect your learning skills …

” Psst , maybe you are genius , and we didn’t know that , huh?  However , please , don’t believe me and go do your research .

Anyways , what we can do ?

Background noise , here I come … I say, as I run to the coffee shop . STOP!

Save your money to some good experience. There are lots of ways to get that background noise without spending a penny .

Check this out : https://www.ambient-mixer.com

There are lots of other ambient sound mixers online , you can find what you like . Personally , I use this site because it is free , ad-free and without limitations of any kind. I don’t like to be distracted while studying : ” DEEP WORK MODE “.

You can choose any fantastic environment to study , to learn and be creative …

My personal favourite is Hogwarts’ library : https://harry-potter-sounds.ambient-mixer.com/hogwarts-library

Page flipping , writing with a quill … Hogwarts

Love you … Be well!

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